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Immediate and Effective Treatment for COVID-19

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 Welcome to the fight against COVID-19. Mankind is in a race to find lifesaving solutions to COVID-19. Our goal is to have the most direct, immediate and best solutions to COVID-19 available sooner rather than later.    

This is an invitation to investigators who seek to find effective treatments, cures & vaccines. 

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A Call to Action

We would like to draw the world’s attention and action to an immediate and effective treatment to COVID-19, something that would reduce symptoms, lessen the severity and shorten the duration of the disease. Something better and safer than remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine, something that will get people back to work sooner. A real game changer, a real life saver.

The Immediate Solution

Hormonal introduction and alteration in the infected person is the critical direction and the key is the birth control pill; specifically the combined oral contraceptive pill of estrogen and progestin. 

How it Works

This works by altering hormones in the body effectively and thus significantly slowing down the multiplication of the coronavirus and its overall impact in the host, allowing for the patient to heal with some added support. 

Immediate Action

Your Part

If  you are a researcher, scientist or investigator looking for COVID-19 treatment, cures and vaccines, we will support you. We are not here to compete, we are here to assist. Please, share this, especially with people capable of taking the necessary steps. 

Advanced Solutions Ad Infinitum

Genius ideas is the backbone of Advanced Solutions Ad Infinitum. We bring unique and exceptional solutions to the world. The God Mind access makes for genius on demand. Everything is possible and that is how we are able to “see” the cures and treatments. We are dedicating this time and effort exclusively to providing support in the fight against COVID-19.  Please, see the COVID-19 OPEN LETTER.  

We are in this Together

Our hope and humanity's hope is for a few open minds with big hearts and the chutzpah to get out of their comfort zone. Saving many lives depends on people working together and being receptive to new possibilities and solutions.  

An MD in the UK says

“I’ve known Katy and Victor for over 20 years; they are serious and have provided a lot of useful information. If they bring me something, I take a closer look. When they did  show me the idea of ‘hormones’ and the relationship to Covid-19 solutions back in March, it made sense to me based on the fact that men are dying in disproportionate numbers compared to women from this virus.  As well they communicated that overweight people are more at risk and it is true, that their hormone levels are also ‘not the usual’ as they tend to produce oestrogen peripherally." 

Dr. Charles Malata, Attending Surgeon, Cambridge, UK.

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