About Us

Accessing the God Intelligence

Katy Emmer

Katy has an extraordinary gift and ability to access the Mind of God, the Source of all Intelligence, Wisdom and Insight. God Intelligence is unlimited; thus, nothing is off limits. She receives higher insight on world events and on all subjects; be it scientific research,  business or interpersonal relationships.

Merging science and spirituality; Genius on demand in action

Victor Simwala

Victor has a background in physics. With his deep love of knowledge and science, he works to bridge science and spirit to bring about far reaching solutions for humanity especially scientific breakthroughs. He sees no barriers between science and spirituality, only a natural pairing.

He is an advocate for oneness.

Putting it all together

Advanced Solutions Ad Infinitum

The mission is harnessing the spirit and the unlimited God intelligence to unleash the genius and achieve breakthroughs more swiftly and in less costly ways. In short, you query the God mind, you get the answers and bring exceptional solutions to the world including advanced predictions and forecasting.

Genius Ideas and Genius Solutions

 Genius ideas is about connecting directly with the higher God Intelligence, the God Mind support and wisdom, a kind of higher intelligence data base or wisdom central with worldwide answers such as cures, inventions, innovations and remedies to various issues facing humanity including financial and economic solutions. The whole purpose is to help mankind and to support the earth at this time