Katy emmer

The God Intelligence

Katy Emmer has an extraordinary gift and ability to access the Mind of God, the Source of all Intelligence, Wisdom and Insight. There is no limit to the God Wisdom; thus, no subject is off limits. She receives higher insight on world events and on all subjects; be it genius ideas for science or medical research, business or investment solutions, technology, spiritual insight or personal relationships. Her work over time has shown itself to be not only accurate but supportive of the highest and best, for each solution brings that wisdom that has only the good behind it. 

Katy Emmer is sometimes called soul whisperer but in reality, God whisperer is the more apt title. She is the very best example of a conscious and active God-human interface that facilitates access and attunement to the unlimited God Intelligence. She receives and perceives messages on any area she focuses on. You would say she is a messenger, but that would be an understatement because there is an interaction and conversation like between two people sitting in the same room. She defies all definitions. 

One other area of special interest to her has been interpreting dreams and getting their meaning from a spiritual perspective. To that effect she has interpreted over 7,000 dreams. It does not end there, now and then she would have prophetic dreams. There are also parallel dreams she has with Victor Simwala with whom she is editing over 30 years of written material for a series of upcoming books on the spiritual understanding of several everyday subjects and themes. Her gift is like that of Joseph in the bible but also like America’s own Edgar Cayce. It is a very rare gift that that has been refined over many years of training and practice. In reality she makes Leonardo De Caprio’s “Inception” look like child’s play. It is mind-boggling how much wealth there is in dreams as you access the deeper meaning of dreams and messages from a higher level. 

Deepening and relaxing inwardly in a process of quiet emptying and receptivity, she listens to the Source, the God Intelligence within her (and within all.) The unlimited God consciousness shares the information, or answers the questions put forth in an easy, fluid way and she takes notes as information comes in, asking further questions if need be. It is like having a back and forth conversation with anyone, only this Center of Consciousness is all knowing and all wise. Time and time again over the 40+ years that she has ‘listened’, It has shown Itself to be helpful and all knowing; accurate beyond measure and so supportive and helpful to herself, friends, and others who ask.  She sees it as a privilege to have a gift that allows her to receive and write information for the greater use for all.

God Whisperer

Actively accessing unlimited God intelligence: awake or in dreams.


Victor Simwala

Body, Mind and Spirit Integration

Victor Simwala has a background in physics. He has a highly curious and sharp mind that creates an openness to learning and absorbing knowledge and truth from multiple sources to better oneself and serve humanity in some way. With his deep love of knowledge and science, he works to bridge science and spirit to bring about far reaching solutions for humanity especially scientific breakthroughs. He sees no barriers between science and spirituality, only a natural pairing and he delights in making the most of it. It is a special strength like being ambidextrous. It is a new multi-discipline that will enable faster and more surefooted cures, inventions, innovations, breakthroughs etc... as it eliminates trial and error and will take humanity far.

Victor is a spiritual visionary, a spiritual scientist and a spiritual tutor. A Truth seeker that sees and understands, discerns through the muck, the pearls of pure Truth and wisdom in spiritual information towards enlightenment and solutions.

He helps to organize and break down information that comes from the Source Consciousness for easy daily consumption and practical application and use. Thus, his role is pivotal and complimentary to the team and the processes of dissemination. 

He has over 40 years of practice and study in spiritual mastery, relaxation and meditation. He shares his down to earth knowledge and wisdom and support as a spiritual educator, including how to access greater creativity and genius ideas from dreams and from the Source consciousness, the unlimited God intelligence which is within all. With a down to earth, cheerful approach and clarity in his communication style he offers an easily accessible link to the God consciousness material which comes to Katy Emmer. He translates God mind intelligence to practical earth applications and is contributing as a writer on a series of books being currently edited.

If you want depth and wisdom to your spiritual growth, Victor is your man. He will help serious spiritual seekers navigate their growth and expand their spiritual understanding and achievements. 

If you want breakthroughs in any area, you have come to the right place. 

He is a modern-day spiritual philosopher and spiritual intellectual and an advocate for oneness. A man at peace and at ease with all topics and all persons, thereby making spiritual wisdom simple and easy to understand. A pioneer dedicated to the principle that spirit can be harnessed easily and utilized as a tangible, practical force and integrated into everyday life, thereby accessing and unleashing an unlimited source and resource of intelligence and energy.

Genius on demand

Where Science and Spirituality Meet & Complement each other.

How many problems can you solve  when science and spirit work together?

Spirit provides the intelligence upon which science can build.