A PLEA TO ACTION on covid-19

COVID-19 Breakthrough Treatment

We are appealing to you the reader, because we believe that you are invested in the solution to this disease and that you will do your part by bringing this to the attention of the right people with the ability to take the necessary steps. There is an immediate and effective treatment right now.

We believe COVID-19 can be rendered into producing only mild symptoms instead of being so lethal and contagious. There is a way to reduce its symptoms, the severity and duration and with your help, research can be accomplished for an immediate intervention and effective treatment. Something better and safer than remdesivir or chloroquine and it will get people back to work sooner.

There is a drug that can be repurposed now that would be a major game changer. Hormonal introduction and alteration in the infected person is the critical direction and the key is the pill. 

Yes indeed, the humble birth control pill, specifically the combined oral contraceptive pill of estrogen and progestin. This works by altering hormones in the body effectively and thus significantly slowing down the multiplication of the coronavirus and its overall impact in the host, allowing for the patient to heal with some added support. 

The hormonal changes engendered in the system, through the birth control drugs, can disrupt the normal functioning of the virus. The virus therefore cannot as easily propagate thereby limiting both damage to the host and further spread.

COVID-19 thrives in an environment where body hormones are declining or breaking down i.e., where normal hormone levels have been disrupted to a degree. Thus, the older generation and those with weakened immune systems are more susceptible overall as well as very overweight individuals whose bodies and organs are already quite taxed and possess altered hormonal balance. Hormonal changes brought about by the pill disrupt the pattern and usual replicative pathways of the coronavirus and don’t allow it to continue to duplicate or to do so as swiftly.

In summary, the coronavirus cannot cohabitate with the changing hormones in the body. Once the existing hormonal balance is changed, there is “confusion” thus disrupting movement of the virus in the now less conducive environment. The fact that women who have been infected are surviving at higher rates than men is a pointer to hormones having some effect. 

The birth control pill is the best candidate at this time for treating COVID-19 in both men and women once the symptoms start. Given that in this current climate there is no real cure or an effective way to slow down this virus, the pill is the easiest practical step forward to help slow down the spread as well as provide quicker recovery for those who are infected. 

The birth control pill’s role is really to act as a kind of ‘firewall’, to help current victims and to keep the virus from spreading too fast or causing worse tissue destruction. While we await the development of an effective and safe vaccine, it is the best answer that is out there at this time. 

Here, there is no creating a new drug involved thus avoiding the time it would take to do so as the birth control pill is already approved by regulatory authorities, is in widespread use and its side effects are well documented. It is also relatively safe compared to other options, it is ready to go and ready to save lives.  Laboratory tests can easily help prove its effectiveness in a short time.

Don’t be dissuaded because this source is too new or too different; we are all in this together. We seek no monetary gain or fame but only to direct this message towards scientists and researchers. This information is meant as an invitation to investigators who seek to find effective treatments, cures and vaccines. Further support and unpublished details are available upon request. 

The long-term hope for a cure and potent vaccine lies in a snake. There is a snake in South America whose biology will be immensely helpful to scientists in coming up with a cure as well as a vaccine. 

Covid-19 is an unusual virus in the way it acts and behaves. The normal or traditional vaccine process for example, those in current development will not be sufficient against this virus; the current pipeline of vaccines will require a further boost or unique strengthening element in order to be truly effective against Covid-19. We thus implore you to do your part in the fight against it by informing the right people and getting them involved...


COVID-19 Solutions

Suggested treatment


The birth control pill would be suggested in its current form for those who are already showing symptoms and especially signs that they are not getting better. Take for 3 weeks or less for total disruption of the COVID-19. 

Since it takes a few days generally to get in the system and ‘corrupt’ the COVID-19 pathways, the earlier you start, the better here.  Then keep treatment steadily for at least a few weeks, 3 weeks works fine in most cases, until one sees clear improvement and when one is seen to be ‘out of the woods’ regarding the seriousness of said illness. 

Three Days

Generally, in most cases, it would take 3 days for the treatment to visibly remove suffering and to see changes in the body’s ability to fight this but as soon as it is administered it would begin to ‘confuse’ the virus thus stop the damage from growing further within the body. It would take about 3 days however, for one to really notice the switch, the change and improvement. 

The pill will be completely slowing down the virus in the body and making it confused and rendering it less lethal so that it cannot do serious damage to the tissue and organs. Even before it is visibly seen or known to be effective it will have already rendered the virus less effective. Thus, a God-send for most who are showing signs of it early on in their systems and who don’t want to take any chances towards getting sicker. This would allow the population to feel more confident about going back to work and living normal lives.

The pill is not a cure but it does slow down the coronavirus significantly and thus it is a ‘near cure’, realizing that further refinement of said components could be researched and developed over time. And though it has some side effects it is also the safest of all options, (all other options and drugs currently repurposed are far less safe or as useful), all things considered.