An MD in the UK

“I’ve known Katy and Victor for over 20 years; they are serious and have provided a lot of useful  information. If they bring me something, I take a closer look. When they did show me the idea of ‘hormones’ and the relationship to Covid-19 solutions back in March, it made sense to me based on the fact that men are dying in disproportionate numbers compared to women from this virus.  As well  they communicated that overweight people are more at risk and it is true, that their hormone levels are also ‘not the usual’ as they tend to produce oestrogen peripherally." 

Dr. Charles Malata, Attending Surgeon, Cambridge, UK.

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An Educator

"Katy’s Gift is clear, simple, profound unbiased truths for the betterment of all inhabitants of our world. A timeless Gift reaching all who will listen, all who will ask, all who need to know and understand how to help people with proven solutions and results.

I met Katy 22 years ago in Boston. Katy’s Gift is my #1 call. Real life examples include: family, children, health, divorce, death, employment, car accidents, personal growth, and a coma. Her Gift bypasses years of mistakes, questioning, and waiting.  Results are quick and clear, for the good of all people – a nation!  Katy’s Gift is the real deal!  It is time to listen to stop the spread."

Jennifer St Germaine

Educator, MN

A Business Owner

"Katy Emmer is more than a visionary.  She has the ability to access information from Source God intelligence.  Honestly, sometimes I may not want to hear what my angels are saying because I am determined with my goal or I can’t see how to make a change, but as I look back on each reading, they have been spot on.  She has the ability to see beyond and predict the future.  Katy Emmer has a pure spirit, full of love and very humble, she has had her gift of wisdom from childhood and it has grown stronger and stronger as she has understood the responsibility to help humanity as the information comes through her in her stillness and dreams.  She is able to access her stillness within seconds as she has trained herself with deep discipline." 


http://www.kuumbamade.com" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Denise Kuumba Piazza
Founder & President
Kuumba Made, inc.

Tucson, AZ

A Business Executive

"Katy has been my insightful, wise adviser for almost 20 years.  She has brought me genius solutions steadily throughout the years, both personally and professionally. She came into my life surprisingly at the brink of what would be an arduous and overwhelming pivot in my life.  Her gentle guidance anchored me and helped me stay hopeful.  Her vision allowed me to see what good could come out of my situation if I was brave enough. And, her grit kept me on course when I felt weak.  She has been my “wing-man” ever since.   Many heartbreaking and heart-soaring events later, she remains a steady, generous influence.  

The Gift Katy has is truly, undeniably God given. It is so far advanced beyond anything one can imagine, calmly wise and through the years, so helpful to so many. Steadily accurate and rewarding, I have found it quite useful in many applications.

It is not something you will come upon again in your lifetime; I can promise you that! With great regard, I highly recommend Katy and her gift. You won't be disappointed (only happily surprised, time and time again)."

Lila Everett, Director of Business Development, Kuumba Made,  AZ. 

Former Senior Vice President of Marketing, Discovery, Inc. &

Former SVP Marketing Scripps Networks.

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Additional Information

During the 2006 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Katy was making predictions. Some were followed and picked up by the BBC, Five Live.


Additional Press

A hometown paper wrote about Katy as she was making analysis and predictions of which teams would win and why during the 2006 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.


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Over the years, Katy has worked with professional athletes, award winning artists, business leaders and heads of institutions.